Old ghosts and new beginnings?

Today, I was supposed to be in Wayanad, amidst the mist, standing next to the clouds kissing the mountain slopes and eessssssssh, now I am sitting in a damn air-conditioned cabin at office.

I was really looking forward to this weekend. A weekend in Rain Country Resorts. I have visited Wayanad twice, but have never been to this particular resort. It looks real nice on the web site with dense greenery around it, traditional malayali architechture, a pond in front of the cottages. I dont know why, but Wayanad fascinates me. Is it the fresh mountain air, the thick foliage in the tropical forests, the gurgling noise of streams trickling down the mountains, the fun and frolic of playing in the waterfalls, the pitch darkness that envelopes you at night, and feeling of peace while you curl down in your blanket with the sound of silence around you?

Last time I went, I stayed at Vythiri resorts. I had gone my boyfriend and my best friend and his best friend. The two best friends got hooked up, but i ended up breaking up with my boyfriend immediately after the trip:-)We had great fun as a group; the boys were excellent company; I think Mallus have the best sense of humor and they entertained us with dirty jokes and anecdotes about their college life. But Vythiri also cost me the guy I had been in love with for 4 years. It was like two parts of me; one part of me having a lot of fun, and the other part watching my guy slowly distance himself from me.

Maybe I am hoping that this time my trip with my roomies will take away all the ghosts and I can start afresh. Sheeesssssssssssssshh, I really want to get away.

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