Totally random writing :)

7 pm. And I confess to feeling much better. I was actually supposed to come into office and review a dirty assessment, but I ended up going through a lot of Live Journal entries, and I havent yet looked at one question.

Hmmmm, it is weird how reading a few whacky entries can change your mood. I was wallowing in glorious self pity for an entire mornining, and now I am smiling like an idiot, looking at my comp:-)

It is Saturday night, and I wonder what plans my friends have. Pubbing or watching a movie. I think now that they have stopped showing Shakila movies on Surya TV, we will end up going and watching Murder:-) It has got a bad review in Outlook, but then my friends are very curious on Mallika Sherwat enacts an orgasm. I mean, we saw a clipping in MTV, but we want to see if it ends in a ‘Yes, Yes, Yes!’ a la Harry Met Sally’.

By the way, I wonder which are the best love making scenes in movies. My personal favourites are two scenes in English Patient. That movie have the word ‘passion’ a different meaning.

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