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249581_10150204005041992_2933663_nThat pretty girl in the picture is not me. She is the girl I would like to be. The girl who travels without fear, who loves without reservations, who has opinions which she blares out to the world, who is courageous, kind, and strong. Every day. This girl loves to be crazy, loves to be weird, loves to tell the world to go to hell. This girl thinks a lot, sometimes too much. She analyses things, to her own detriment. She dances with total abandon, and spews vitriol when she is angry. The vitriol often as tears. That girl is not me. But this is her blog, the one that’s not me. Me? I live a safe pragmatic life, work in a software firm, claim to love travel and reading, and I have been recently pulled into marital domesticity. I don’t claim to be different, in fact I am quite similar to a lot of people you would know. I am honest, but not overly so. I am kind, but not very much in my thoughts. I am brave, but on rare occasions. My name is Saishree, and this is not my blog.

So why am I the reluctant traveler? Well….here you go.


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