And I start here…

Today is my first entry in this journal. I wonder how long I will stick to updating it.

It is kind of weird how I started on Live Journal. I have this colleague who was hooked toLive Journal and he had told me about it. I was impressed with it, but I never got around to registering for it.

Then one of my friends told me about a guy called Rathish. (think the spelling is wrong!) It seems she had gone to his home site, My Random Thoughts and was quite impressed by it. I visited his site and did like quite a bit of his thoughts, thought I got quite a bit of a complex when I saw the amount of books he has read!:-)

I intend to write to him, but not today. Am too tired and exhausted and longing to get back home to my roomies. A few hours with them and I will feel fresh.

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