Can I be happy for you

Why on earth do FRIENDS have to get married?!!!!!! Its the most annoying thing EVER! and I am tired of pretending that I am happy for them. I am NOT!!! Well, I am..but I also hate them for doing it.

Simply because it changes things, and I dont want them to change. People say that things dont end after marriage, and you can still have fun, and your friends are still your friends, and life will almost be the same. Perhaps it doesnt for the people who become couples, but life does change drastically for the ones who remain single. 

Oh dont mistake me – my friends are still the sweetest people. Its just that ‘things’ have changed. Its very difficult to see a rollicking gang dwindle away and be reduced to sad figures. Oh we still meet each other, but the feeling of bonding is missing – its as if you dont belong anywhere now, you are having fun – but alone – and that sucks! The camarederie, the total madness, the undemanding understanding, and most of all, the relentlessly annoying but essentialy heartwarmin companionship is missing now. When all of us were single, we fought, we bitched, we even drifted apart from each other – but in end, it was as if we knew that we only had each other, and so we had to be together. And that was enough – at least for me.  Now I resent the fact that some of us have other people to go back to. What we had was good – more than good – why change it???

I so miss the laughter, the crazy antics, the drunken nights, the long drives, the night long gossip sessions…:(

I tell my dad that if some day I do agree to marry, it will be for all the wrong reasons. It will be simply because I will be the only one left and I will be tired of just watching them all go away. The biggest threat to singledom is not love, but plain inconvenience. Of course you can talk abt making new friends and all that, but honestly I think I am growing too old for that – no energy to socialize and worse no will to. In that case, what do you do..sighhhh..sigh more..write bitchy mails to 2 more of the endangered species, sigh some more, and when you still dont feel any better, write a nonsensical post on LJ. So, thats what this is abt…waste of your time? Too bad – you must be long married, in which case you wont understand (you have long forgotten what it is to be single and happy) ; or you must be just married, in which case you wont be bothered (too self-centered); or you might be just about to marry, in which case I dont like you; or you might be like me – single and intending to remain that way, in which case you are welcome to leave as many bitchy comments as you want to here. 

P.S..This was brought on because I was trying to arrange for a old friends trip to Goa..and could just find 2 of them ready to go:(

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