The flowers match with the salwar I wore – pink. Oh well, the flowers were bright pink and I wore light pink, but what the heck, they did go well. The green looked fresh and bright, and so did the houses behind me, but I could only feel the heat, and smell the musty air.
The guy asks me to adjust my dupatta. I smile gently at him, adjust the dupatta against one shoulder, look at him modestly and ask him if I will do. He does a critical eye-over, and apparently is not satisfied as he mutters something under his breath, but decides that nothing better can be done.
I adjust one hip against one tree trunk, and lean against it. The dupatta moves again, and he is annoyed. Afraid that I will have to endure it more, I quickly smooth the starched garment, pull away the hair from the face, and try to contort my facial muscles into an expression of peaceful discontent. Apparently, it worked – because he shoved a few more lights into my face. Its was easier to now depict the peace and calm – the lights make you shut your eyes in calm solitude, and the heat makes you look like you are dying a peaceful death. But it worked, and it was soon over, as he finally clicked the last pics. I decide to shift my hip before the poor overworked plaster of paris tree gave away.
And so ended my photoshoot for my ‘pennu kannal’ pics. I started a few years back, and you should think that I should be a pro at it. But as they say about happy marriages, every single time, it’s a unique experience. Oh the backgrounds are different, the poses are different, the cameraman’s comments are different….unqiue. And it wasn’t over yet.
I come out, and Achai looks at me with curiosity. I am a pro right – so I am well prepared. The gold chain shows above the dupatta, and the hair is pulled back to reveal the diamond earrings – no trace of the oxidized nose ring. He smiles, and I smile back. Ahhhh, thank God. All’s well that ends well.
Well almost…
We are paying up when Achai turn back and looks at him. “Photo korachu bright aakum pattumo?  Eru neram ollelum, korachu velithu erunotte”
A toothy smile from him.. ““Athinu entha..photoshop il athekke adjust cheyamelo. Korachu color enthayulum kodukam”.
Thank God for Photoshop…what if Chakkolas Fairness oil doesn’t work?:-)
For non mallus: 
Can you make the photo brigher? Even if she is a little dark, let her look a little fair in the photo.
Of course not a problem. We can adjust the colors in Photoshop. Will definitely give her some color.

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