I finally did it!

After days of procrastination, I finally did it!!!  and here is the end product…


Yes that’s pork curry – authentic mallu style, or at least the way my mom makes it. Those who know me personally would know how rare it is for me to actually sit up on a weekend and cook. But I did! and I am so proud of myself, considering the fact that it came out well, and more important, I did not mess up the kitchen (the proof lies in the fact that my roomie came home and asked me where I had bought it from. Normally, if I cook, the kitchen gets so screwed up, my roomies actually hide plates and vessels so that i wont use them all!)

Its not that i hate cooking – in fact the opposite. I love making stuff, but without any interference, and totally at my own pace, without anyone making any smartass comments. Which explains why the pork came out well – it was prepared in total solitude; jagjit singh, iced tea, and the aroma of grease with garam masala….awesome!!!!   And strange as my friends might think, I actually do enjoy entertaining too. Oh I have never been the kinds who has formal parties and proper get togethers, but I do like people coming over. Of course, I am terrified to invite the pros (guys who are so good ar it), which is probably why i have been only inviting starved mallu bachelors only:D

Anyway, the pork curry was part of a resolution – am gonna try and make one dish every week. *determined look*

All in all, a nice weekend!!!:D

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