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Tagged by oxytoxic long time back, but never got around doing this meme. Finally..

Seven Things I want to do before I die:

1. Wear a bikini – Been a long time ambition*grin*

2. Go back-packing for a year in Europe

3. Devote some serious to learning different forms of dance – Love dancing; am a trained Bharat Natyam dancer, and have made some half-hearted efforts to learn the salsa, but I would really like to spend some serious time on it.

4. Tell a certain guy that I am better off without him (with absolute sincerity) – Smits, you know who this is. *grin*

5. Write a book – am not sure about what, but something!

6. Learn to be a good cook – emphasis on “good”

7. Meet up with all the friends I have lost touch with, and go over the good times with them.

Seven things I cant do:

1. Code – I learnt it for 4 damn years, but I hate coding!

2. Smoke – Tried it in one of my ‘want to be hip’ years, but I just cant. I end up looking like a goat wheezing.

3. Keep in touch with friends – Had quite a few long enriching friendships,but only as long I was in the same city. Even with email, and ISD lines, I am not able to. Not that I care any less, but other things always come up.

4. Forget – Forgive maybe, forget never.

5. Clean up – Am the messiest persons around! I hate order.

6. Go on a diet – Love food too much!

7. Yell at people – I have to be really really angry to do that, and if I start to yell, I start to cry. There you go!

Seven things I can do:

1. Drink like a fish

2. Dance!

3. walk for hours

4. Eat meat for all meals in the day

5. Work under pressure

6. Suppress my anger

7. Gossip

Seven Things I say the most:

1. Thank you

2. For heaven’s sake!

3. Haallooon ondu

4. Eggzachly!

5. Go jump!

6. You are sooooo…

7. Coooooll

Seven things that “would” attract me to the opposite sex:

1. How good “he” is with kids – Nothing as attactive as a stong man holding a tiny baby, totally doting on the kids.

2. Integrity

3. The corny ‘tall, dark, handsome” look, with maybe ‘broad shoulders’ added.:-)

4. Similar interests, good conversation,intelligence

5. Brown eyes

6. Arrogance with vulnerability

7. Unattainability – Thats right! the wrong men always seems terribly attactive.

Seven Celebrity crushes

Can only think of Jason Gillespie and Pete Sampras

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