Love Letter

My dearest mountains,

So I can’t deny it really. I did have a fling with the sun, sand and the sea. I have to admit – it was exhilarating! If we have to be honest, then let’s put it all out. In the spirit of experimenting with new things in life, I….err…hooked up with art, architecture, and culture too. As flings go, this one was enjoyable too. And not just because all new things are exciting – it was just the sheer personality of culture! Oh the conversations! We just connected. What can I say?

But you, you my dearest mountains…they are not you. You speak to my soul. Oh its not your breathtaking beauty, not your sheer magnificence, not your strength, not your might, not even your simplicity.


Strebske Pleso

It’s the way you make me feel. Its how my skin tingles when your cold breath touches me; its how my heart races with excitement…and yet feels totally comforted when I am with you. Its how playful I feel when the wind blows the hair into my face; its how free I feel when I walk up to your summit, and gaze into nothingness. Its how I feel embraced when you tower around me,  rough, raw, and yet so kind.


On the trek to sliezsky dom

It’s not easy though. Never was. We have had a rocky start to our relationship. We are still in a long-distance relationship. On most days, you tire me, test my patience, and leave me a wreck gasping in pain and frustration. But its all worth it, you know.


Up and up and up

I only had to walk up to you..once know that ..this was it. The real thing. I saw you, and everything looked so unreal.

And yet, everything made sense again.

Oh how can i can explain..

The sheer joy! The sheer joy of being with you. You make feel …excited..comforted..awed….loved…free. Around you, I don’t feel like that I have to be sensible. I feel I can jump and skip about…that I can sing out loud, loud with the wind..that I can laugh hysterically…that I can be quiet in my conversations…that I can be childish and silly and dance around…that I can love with profound depth. Around you, …I…me within my sensible, prosaic self…..can feel a real intense depth of emotion.


on the way to Téryho chata

You, dearest mountains… are my ONE true love. Forever.

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