I wish..

I have decided that Time Management is an art, and that I am not artistic!

Today has been a real hectic day. I have been working on three projects simultaneously, not really slogging in each one of them, but doing small bits and pieces. It is quite irritating because I cant seem to concentrate on any one of them properly. I seem to be going to the wrong folder in Explorer, updating the wrong dates in the Track Sheet, assigning topics to the wrong writers. I wonder when I will send my C Sat mails to the wrong customer!

And the worst part is that I dont really feel I have done much work today, even though I have been so busy. Dont feel very productive. I know some people are very good at juggling between different tasks. My colleague Susan does a lot of PM work, and she seems to be working on estimates, legal contracts, and layouts at the same time. I can never understand how!

I am so bad, I prefer not to take notes during a training session. I have a photographic memory, so if I just listen carefully, I can remember most of the instructions very well. However, if I take notes, my concentration dips and I sometimes miss out on certain points. Even with con calls, while the rest of the team will be busy taking notes, I will be just listening and it really irritates my manager. And she is quite surprised when I produce an MOM, with almost a word to word dictation of the conversation.

My manager’s solution is that I should go though the Time Management CD in the Library:-( Do I have the time for that???

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