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It is quite some time since I updated my journal. Has been quite a busy week. Read two books, Paulo Coelho’s Beside the River Piedra, I Sat and Wept and John Grisham’s The Last Juror. Beside the River…was quite interesting. It has quite a few religious concepts that I found interesting and I could relate to a few of them. And there were some passages in the book, which seemed to reflect my thoughts, but expressed so much better:-)

I especially liked the first speech by Pilar’s friend.

“Everyday God gives us the day, and one moment through which we can attain all our dreams” or something to that effect. I would like to believe in that. Also, the part about taking risks and the idea that ‘joy as a conquest’ is quite nice.

The Last Juror was quite typical of a John Grisham book, and as enjoyable too. But like all the John Grisham books that I have read, the storyline in this too one will fade away from memory. When I read the book, it is quite fast paced, and I cant keep the book down, but somehow it dosent leave a deep impact.

Have to rush for training. SAP. Quite interesting. So tata journal- for the moment.

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