Wanted: a travel stylist!

Scene 1 You are backpacking in Europe. You are soaking in the atmosphere - the beautiful, beautiful architecture, the sound of laughter from street side cafes, the cobble-stoned streets, the bright and pretty flowers framed within beautifully paneled windows - history and beauty competing for your attention. And then you see her. She's wearing a beautiful white summer dress, comfortable flat sandals, a leather sling bag, over-sized sunglasses, and an attitude that screams "I look gorgeous". Her Read more [...]

Coming Up: An European Summer!

I know! I know! There's a heat wave on in Europe, and it's really hot, and there's going to be tons of tourists, and prices are really high - and a million other reasons not to go. And there's just one reason to go - It IS Europe! and if you know anything about me, you know how partial I am to Europe. 🙂 But on a serious note, as much as there's an element of familiarity, there's quite a lot of new elements to this trip. First of all, this time I have a new travel partner! So yes, it's not my Read more [...]

Goa – Image of the day

Goa is about drunken stupor, cheap alcohol, and wild partying. It's also about friends and camaraderie and laughter and fun. Even more, it's about beautiful beaches, gorgeous drives, finger-licking cuisine, and the best churches in India. But on some days, it's about quiet mornings when the sea gently caresses the sand; when the sea breeze hums lullabies to solitary boats that are enjoying their sleepovers; when the darkness of the night fades into the comforting blue of dawn. And as the journeys Read more [...]

Which is your happiest journey?

Which is the most beautiful country you have visited? Which is your favorite country in the world? What's the most fun trip you have had? Which is the one country you would go back again to? These are the usual questions when people look at my photographs, or even over random conversations when I preen about my new-found "avid traveler" status. 😀 But strangely the one question that nobody has ever asked me is .."Which has been your happiest trip?" It seems like such an obvious question to me. Read more [...]

Kerala – a journey in images

On most days I am dreaming of all the countries I need to explore, all the cultures I need to experience, all the strangers I need to make friends with. And then on some days, I think of home and get engulfed in this longing for familiarity and comfort. And then on other days I look at old albums and indulge in some good old home-grown pride. And why shouldn't I? Such a beautiful, beautiful place, my land is. My Kerala is. Look. Just look Read more [...]

Top Reasons to Visit Egypt Now!

1.The monuments - Since this is the most obvious one, let's start with this one first. As much as you have heard or read about the monuments, it doesn't prepare you for the splendor that awaits you. One of the oldest civilizations in the world, no other place has captured the imagination of historians and laymen alike. As I read more about the place, it was like going through a maze of stories and mysteries. Ancient temples, tombs, mummies, pyramids - all of these have been depicted and immortalized Read more [...]

The All-inclusive Deal!

I should have closed my eyes and dozed off. There was a mild, slightly cool breeze, I could hear waves lapping below my feet, and most important...wait for this...I had nothing to do. That's right, you heard it right. We were travelling, and I had nothing to do. But more on that later. For now, let's focus on the reasons I couldn't sleep. Well, for one - there was the most gorgeous blue green water around me, and it seemed like sacrilege to shut my eyes for even two minutes, when there was such Read more [...]

Bear watching in Canada

I opened my hours and gazed at the blaze of light that was slowly creeping up the slopes around me. And a feeling of awe broke the shackles of sleep that had me tied down to my seat. And then...total disbelief. I sat up and rubbed my eyes, totally sure that I was dreaming. And then again and again. And then I just shouted...L! L! Bear! Bear! There was a dark brown grizzly clambering up the mountain, very very close to the road. And then before I regained my breath, there was another one right in Read more [...]

New friends

I am bad with kids. I am especially bad with kids I don't know. But I couldn't help be charmed by this little girl in Petra. After hours of walking and climbing, we had stopped at a quiet ledge up the sandstone mountains, and were gazing at the views in companionable silence. I have to confess that at first I wasn't very pleased to see her when she came bounding down the hill. We had met kids who wanted to sell wares, and it wasn't the most pleasant experience. My natural caution warred with her Read more [...]

How to get the Irish coast in Australia!

As much as I should be used to it, I am still surprised at the surprises travel throws at you every other time. And I guess that's the most exciting part about it. This one was especially great. A day trip to Phillip Island to see penguins, two hours away from Melbourne, seemed like quite a "touristy" thing to do. So it was, but then like I said...surprises.. As we drove, S and me drank in the city, and then ambled in peaceful pleasure at the farmlands, and then..suddenly sat up. Even as the driver Read more [...]