The magic of his voice

Am listening to Jagjit’s Singh’s ghazals. This man’s voice is amazing. I have a collection of his songs, and I just dont get tired of listening to them. It is as if every time he manages to touch my soul.

Right now listening to Arth. There is so much depth, so much pain, so much aura in his voice. You could listen to it, and get lost in the story it weaves around you. And the lyrics in these ghazals. I am collecting the lyrics of all his songs.

My current favourite is from Jogger’s Park.

Badhi Najuk Hai Yeh Manjil, Mohabat Ka Safar Hai.
Dhadak Aahista Se Aye Dil, Mohabat Ka Safar Hai.

Koi Sune Le Na Yeh Kissa, Bhaut Daar Lagta Hai.
Magar Darne Se Kya Hasil, Mohabat Ka Safar Hai.

Batana Bhi Nahi Asan, Chupana Bhi Kathin Hai.
Khudha Aksar Kadar Muskil, Mohabat Ka Safar Hai.

Ujale Dil Ke Faile Hai, Chale Ayo Na Janam.
Bahut Hi Payar Ke Kabil, Mohabat Ka Safar Hai.

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