Need travel info..

Not sure how many people are still there on LJ….but if you are, and still reading…I need some travel information.

I am travelling to Malaysia end of this month. My original plan was to just do KL and Langkawi, but now I feel like doing the less commercial places. After quite a bit of research, I have zeroed in on a few more places – simpadan island is Sabah (this one I REALLY feel like doing; its supposedly among the top 5 diving beaches in the world), Tioman Island, and Redang Island.The problem is to get there. These areas seem kinda inaccessible (I guess thats the beauty of it ) or very expensive. H

Would really appreciate if I get first hand information. While I am grateful for the vast information in the virtual world, would feel really comfortable if I could talk to someone who has been there. Has anyone of you been there..or know people who have been there? The trouble is that while places like europe have really excellent websites, and travel options, it doesnt seem to be the same in the East.Any information would be on getting there, hotels, cost…..

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