Home pics!!

Yes, am very much alive..and kicking:-)  I know I have been awfully quiet, but all’s well – just a case of verbal constipation. 😀 Will be back soon, hopefully….till then, pics of my new home..

Statuatory warning: Only “oohing and aahing” comments are welcome!!:D 

Well, seriously, anything goes – but just go little easy on the critical comments (am extremely sensitive when its comes to talking abt colors, layout, furniture,floor..does that leaving anything?;-) ). Of course, suggestions are welcome!!

New living room – colorful aint it?;-)

The tavern!!!;-) yeah yeah, all booze pics in the dining room.

Christmas tree, lamps, a quilt to keep me warm on a winter evening!

A few knick -knacks!!

The pics I had bought from a street-side vendor in Salzberg.

My seat!!! and arent the flowers pretty?:) 

You guessed it right! I love “yellow”  these days.

First christmas in new home – new christmas tree as well!:)

And HAPPY NEW YEAR guys!!!:)

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