How to get the Irish coast in Australia!

As much as I should be used to it, I am still surprised at the surprises travel throws at you every other time. And I guess that’s the most exciting part about it. This one was especially great. A day trip to Phillip Island to see penguins, two hours away from Melbourne, seemed like quite a “touristy” thing to do. So it was, but then like I said…surprises..

As we drove, S and me drank in the city, and then ambled in peaceful pleasure at the farmlands, and then..suddenly sat up. Even as the driver told us that we were crossing to Phillip island, we had merely adjusted our seats and settled in more comfortably. But suddenly the farmlands receded, the small houses disappeared, and the road took on a narrow desolate feel. And then suddenly there were cliffs..and the sea battering it with such wild abandon that I almost did a hula dance! I think S couldn’t understand my excitement, but how could I explain. Ever since I had gone to England and Ireland four years back, I had loved their coastal walks…the moors, the cliffs, the wild, the wild sea, and feeling of desolate expansive nature that came along with it. And I was getting it in Australia!

Suffice to say, we enjoyed our drive and our coastal walk! I loved meeting the penguins, but I will never forget the moment when I first saw the road curve along the coast and peek into the coast with the cliffs and the ocean!

PS: We saw almost 13 wallabies on the road. How’s that for a bonus!

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Quick Info:
Phillip Island is located 140 kms south east of Melbourne. The place is mostly known for its wildlife (especially the Penguin Parade); it is also famous for it’s history in Australian motorsporting. It’s very easy to do a day trip to the island from Melbourne, but to get a proper feel of the beaches and the coastal walks, would recommend that you stay on the island. If you do decide to do a day trip, the best option would be to rent a car and imbibe the coast at your own pace. You could also do the Penguin Parade tour which is offered by a lot of tour companies in Melbourne, but the primary focus there is the penguins and not the coastal scenery.

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