would you understand as a guy…

He: whats vishesam?

Me: Nothing really. Slept like a log and forgot to put the alarm.

He: So came in late?

Me: Yes, and then traffic sucked. Had to crawl to work.:(

He: Yes, I know. undersandable.

Me: Plus I was wearing a short skirt, so every hero on the road was staring at my legs.

He: You would have been more pissed if they hadn’t looked. So its ok.

Me: I like appreciation big time, but that does not mean I want every male to ogle. Esp when I am crawling in that traffic, and when I am taking 1.5 hrs to reach work.

He: What I am trying to say you would have been more angry if they hadnt looked through the 1.5 hrs journey.

Me: So, I cant even crib now?

He: About the traffic, you can. The other thing, there is no need to.

Me: Well, balls to you!:-) I crib if I feel like cribbing.

He: Do do. Njaan onnum parayinnila.

Me: Good…but you think I am being silly?

He: No, I think you are chumma showing jaada..that you are not bothered at all.

Me: mmm..ok..whatever..

He: ya

Me: Change of subject….

Jeez, have I lost it, or do I really have no right to get angry over the conversation? Or am I being too touchy??

To be honest, I was not really pissed abt the journey. In India you are kind of used to it, usually it does not really bother me too much. Note, I said too much , which means that I am a little bothered. I like appreciation. I like my legs, and if somebody else likes them too, I dont have a problem. I dont mind an appreciative glance, but not when your appreciative glance lingers through the whole length of a traffic signal change. I do have a problem when the appreciative glance lingers so much that I feel that I have feel a body above my waist. I do have a problem when you twist your neck at at unnatural angle from within the auto, and then turn it 180 degrees when I attempt to pass you. And I do have a big big problem when you do your appreciative glance thing for a while, then your eyes deign to travel to my face, and then when your face twists into a meaningful grin.

Having said all that I was not really bothered this time. What did get me angry was the conversation. The implication that if I wear a short skirt, I should be flattered or grateful or accepting even if it was not respectful.

Am I being too touchy? Or does the philosophy of ‘rapists rape because girls provoke’ hold true? Is it so difficult to understand that girl might feel flattered at certain kinds of attention, but equally repulsed at a different kind, be it a glance, outright ogling or groping?

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